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How many of these does your life hold you back from doing that other people take for granted?

  • Going shopping and making a meal for your family
  • Being able to go outside and take a walk
  • Other exercises you only wish you could do such as running, Zumba Fitness, dancing, biking, hiking
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Playing with your children without having to stop a zillion times
  • Taking a tour of Europe and being able to eat any food you want
  • Traveling anywhere else you want
  • Enjoying food
  • Cleaning your house without paying for it the next day

It’s time for a change. I want you to know that there is hope.

I, Tirzah Hawkins, at Where to Start Natural Health specialize in helping women with autoimmune conditions and fibromyalgia. Many of us know that these often go hand in hand and are misunderstood by conventional medicine. I went to a talk by Dr. Daniel Pompa; he estimated that 93% of the population has at least some low-grade autoimmune going on in their body.

While conventional medicine addresses the symptoms, my goal is to work with my clients to address the cause or root. The body does everything it can to keep us alive. Often there is a toxin such as a virus, heavy metal, parasite, bacteria, even a trapped emotion, that is causing the body to respond the way it is.  When we can remove that toxin and balance the body, it can be restored to health and proper functioning.

What direction is your health headed? Is your body getting better or worse on a daily basis? Where will your health be in one year if it continues the way it has been? Five years?

If you aren’t seeing improvements on a regular basis, I would love to schedule a complimentary conversation with you to see how I can help. Together, we can get you more energy, put out the fire, and get your body back on your side so you can start living your life every day.

What goals do you have for your health?

Do you have amazing health?

What is amazing health? These are just some of the ways that I define amazing health. What would you add to the list?

  • No aches and pains
  • Infrequent or non-existent colds
  • Energy to jump out of bed in the morning
  • No need for stimulants to keep going
  • Clarity of mind
  • No need for prescriptions or over-the-counter
  • Peace with yourself and others.

Don’t think it’s possible? That’s okay. Because in the beginning, if you are willing to trust, then I can believe for you.

I want you to watch Sonya’s story. When I first met with Sonya, she was as white as a piece of white paper, like a ghost. Her eyes were dull. She had to write everything I said down because she couldn’t think to retain any information. When I took this video with her, I couldn’t believe her transformation. Her eyes had life. She made appointments without needing to write them down.

She opened up to me about being suicidal. She had reached a time in her life at her lowest when she had told her husband that would end her life if she gained another pound.

Her doctor’s insisted that all her pain was caused by her weight and that if she would just lose her excess weight, the pain would be resolved. After gastric surgery, she lost over 100 pounds, but it did nothing for her pain except make it worse.

When I first met with her, her msq (medical symptom/toxicity questionnaire) score was 258! (The higher the number, the worse you feel. She just recently retook the msq, and scored a THREE! (You can get your score here using a laptop or desktop computer.)