About Me:

My name is Tirzah Hawkins, and I want you to achieve your optimal health. The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” How would your life change if you were in a state of health according to that definition. Take some time, close your eyes, and imagine what that would look like. Are you ready to get there?

My Credentials:

  • Certificate in Nutritional Counseling through Trinity School of Natural Health
  • Certified Health Specialist through Trinity School of Natural Health
  • NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified In.Form Coach through Nature’s Sunshine Products.

Online Consulting:

I utilize iridology, a detailed client health questionnaire, client self-tests, and a symptom assessment to formulate customized diet, lifestyle and supplement plans for each individual.
I recommend working closely with me each month until most of your ill-health symptoms subside. It is recommended that a client in maintenance should consult with me every three months for supplement/lifestyle evaluation.

Please consider that it is easier to keep a healthy person in good health than it is to for the body to restore good health to itself. By the time you have a symptom to complain about, the issue has settled in the body and will be more difficult to remove.

Natural health is about avoiding health problems in the first place by taking proper care of our bodies. However, the methods that would keep you healthy are the same means by which the body restores itself. The body has the ability to heal itself of diseases when we provide it with the tools do so.

Iridology is a means of assessing body weaknesses before they become problematic. It is also a way of assessing progress. Through your eyes, we can actually watch as your body repairs damage done to it.

Are you ready to get started today? The longer you’ve been putting up with “dis-ease”, the longer it will take for the body to return to health. But you have to make the decision to get started in order for that to happen.

First month: $99 (New Clients)

This includes all the initial assessments and intake forms with a personalized email response from me detailing the first steps I recommend you take for your health improvement.
For the following three weeks, you may send me weekly emails which I will answer during my next business hours. You may want to keep a list of questions or concerns throughout the week for composing your weekly emails.

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Subsequent month(s): $59 (Repeat clients)

For continuing your journey, this includes once weekly email correspondences with me for the 4 weeks following the purchase date.

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