“I have been working with my psychiatrist monthly. I was on six different prescription medicines to help manage depression and anxiety. This past month, my psychiatrist told me that she did not know what Tirzah was doing, but to keep working with her because it was helping! By changing my nutritional habits and adding supplements into my diet, I have been able to back off of my prescription medications. My doctor stated that in all her years of counseling, she rarely sees a patient take the coping skills, that she teaches and encourages, and put them into action. Between that and the help of Where to Start Natural Health, I have improved myself 90%. Thank you, Tirzah!” -Kathy B.


“I’m in my 10th week in Tirzah’s nutrition class .. what comes to mind first is that Tirzah puts her heart and soul into this class! I went to my first class with the goal of losing weight, but it is so much more! Tirzah is all about the whole person and has taught me more about my body, my health, and most importantly, my attitude about how I approach life every day. Friends and family have told me how much more positive I am, and how much more energy I have. I’ve gone down 2 sizes, decreased my body fat while increasing my muscle mass. I no longer have tummy problems and am sleeping so much better! Tirzah is knowledgeable and compassionate and I will continue to work with her, taking more classes and seeking out her counsel as I continue on my journey! Thank you Tirzah for everything you do!” – Allison H.


“I love Tirzah at Where to Start Natural Health! I have had painful stomach issues for over a year. Doctors have giving me medicine and Done all kinds of test. Guess what! They found nothing wrong. Just figured I’d have to live with the bloating and pain for ever. Not true! I went to a class Tirzah was teaching called In.Form. After just one class, and a spit test later, she figured out what was wrong. I’m on the way to feeling so much better already. Thank You so much Tirzah! She goes above and beyond.” -Roxanne H.


“I personally recommend this program for anyone SERIOUS about making a life change and becoming more healthy. I have been through this program and still follow it’s principles. It has changed my life.” -Teresa B.