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Allison H. Testimonial

I’m in my 10th week in Tirzah’s nutrition class .. what comes to mind first is that Tirzah puts her heart and soul into this class! I went to my first class with the goal of losing weight, but it is so much more! Tirzah is all about the whole person and has taught me more about my body, my health, and most importantly, my attitude about how I approach life, everyday. Friends and family have told me how much more positive I am, and how much more energy I have. I’ve gone down 2 sizes, decreased my body fat while increasing my muscle mass. I no longer have tummy problems and am sleeping so much better! Tirzah is knowledgeable and compassionate and I will continue to work with her, taking more classes and seeking out her counsel as I continue on my journey! Thank you Tirzah for everything you do! – Allison H.